I Further Podcast Magic Missile

I know I said my next post would be about reskinning puzzles, and it will be once I edit it. But a new set of Story Times with Blake and Highcove are out, this time discussing the blackjack and hookers* version of D&D Delve Night that we ran at our local store long after Wizards of the Coast had moved on to something else. We ended up creating something unique, varied, magical, and filled with death and references to media most of the players were too young to remember.

Delve Night, Part 1
Delve Night, Part 2
Delve Night, Part 3

The producer promised me we would get better at naming. In actuality all we did was start putting hashtags on the podcast descriptions.

* — If you’re reading this, Mom, there were no actual card games or prostitutes in any of the sessions.

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