#RPGaDAY 2016 Day 17

What fictional character would best fit in your group? Why?

See, this has the same problem as yesterday, but it’s just different enough that I can’t use the same steps to resolve it. There’s a huge difference between “who I want” and “who will work”, and a difference between “a person who exists” and “a fictional person who can be interpreted differently by different observers”. That was a question of opinion, and this is an assessment based on tenuous, mutable facts. It’s borderline unanswerable.

So you know what? Batman. I want Batman, because that can be dozens of characters based on what I want. Sometimes we need Adam West Batman and his zany comedy. Sometimes we need Christian Bale and grimdark growling. Sometimes we need a genius, sometimes we need storyteller, sometimes we need a mentor. By just saying “Batman” I can get whatever flavor I need at any given time because I have access to every interpretation of him.

Except Frank Miller Batman. I don’t foresee needing an expert in prostitutes and swearing.

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