#RPGaDAY 2016 Day 2

What is the best game session you have had since August 2015?

I kind of want to say it was the King Thistle fight, but I’m discounting that for three reasons:

  • As I’m writing this, that session only happened last week. That’s a lot of recency bias.
  • I ran it. I’m reading this question as “what was the best session in which you played”, not “what was the best thing you did; brag about yourself.”

  • I’m doing a whole blog post on it, so there’s not a lot I could say about it now that I wouldn’t duplicate later.

After much deliberation I think I’ve decided on the first session of the Renaissance campaign that just concluded. It didn’t have the greatest storytelling or RP, and we didn’t even have every player show up. But this was a campaign we’ve had in the works since spring 2013. During a lull in our then current campaign we had a legitimate session zero, where we discussed the setting, built characters, decide what sorts of things we wanted out of Renaissance Italy, and generally did everything we needed to get things running.

Then three years passed. That’s easily the longest gap I’ve ever heard of between a campaign declaration and the first session, but it meant that first session was incredibly satisfying. We got to play as characters we’d been talking about for four and a half campaigns, and it was great finding that they worked exactly as we’d envisioned. I wouldn’t do it again, but since it did happen I’m happy it went so well.

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