#RPGaDAY 2016 Day 22

What are some random events in your games that keep happening?

We have an entire ongoing campaign where enemies keep getting staggered. In D&D, that’s when you’re reduced to exactly zero hit points, when your consciousness is on its last legs. At 1st level it wasn’t that weird, because everybody was only doing five or ten damage, so every fifth or tenth enemy should be knocked to exactly zero. But it kept happening at 4th, and at 8th, and at 12th. When we’re doing thirty or more damage per attack, every fourth or fifth monster shouldn’t be able to dive through that narrowing window. And it only happens in this campaign.

In the fine tradition of the Hallway Campaign, where a solid chunk of combat happened in two-square-wide rooms, and the Monster-Friending campaign, where the players looked at the campaign description and elevator pitch and collectively said “…nah”, we’ve come to call this one the Staggered Campaign. Honestly, if the DM doesn’t decide to tweak the campaign so the demons’ plans require sucking the souls out of creatures who became staggered before they die, taking advantage of that dim window of near-lifelessness, it’ll be a tragedy.

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