#RPGaDAY 2016 Day 23

Share one of your best ‘Worst Luck’ stories.

I don’t have “worst luck” stories as much as I have a “worst luck” career. I’ve mentioned earlier this month how I have a handicap on rolling during character creation and how we have fast-resurrection mechanics to counteract how often I seem to die. Neither of these even touched on how well I roll as a DM; I’ve rolled an inordinate amount of 1s when I tried to show off a new monster and plenty of 20s when I tried to not kill a player. Heck, it even extends beyond gaming. My family would love to tell you about the time they were moving me cross-state, when I pulled off at a rest stop for a quick drink, found a vending machine that ate every quarter I had, then got back on the highway going the wrong way for fifteen minutes. To this day I don’t know how I found a way to do that from a rest stop with only one exit.

So instead of trying to pick a superlative out of that pile, I’ll just refer you back to the time I botched a roll to dial a phone for its perfect blend of bad luck, comedy, and memorability.

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