#RPGaDAY 2016 Day 29

If you could host a game anywhere on Earth, where would that be?

My answer to this question is “the answer to tomorrow’s question”, but that’s a lame answer. I choose to believe this question came first to encourage us to answer as though tomorrow’s question didn’t exist. That makes for much more interesting answers than assuming the questions were not ordered well.

If I’m going to pick a location like this, I want it to be something that enhances the game and makes me happy; castles are great, but they’re not terribly comfortable and they really only help for verisimilitude if your campaign is happening in that exact castle. Instead I want to go the opposite route. I’ve always wanted to run something set twenty minutes into the future, with minor sci-fi trappings in a mostly modern game. I don’t want to do cyberpunk, just something in a present-day city where cyborgs or sentient AIs or biological experiments simmer just under the surface so players can discover them as they explore the setting. For that, I would want the game set in a city, in a modern office building or high-rise, with full-window walls, at night. City skylines are not only gorgeous, they give me that touch of sonder I want to impart to the players, where they look at the game, then look outside and think “this is all fictional, and nothing like this is happening to anybody down there…right?”

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