#RPGaDAY 2016 Day 30

Describe the ideal game room if your budget were unlimited.

We’re actually in the process of creating our own game room, so I’ve been mulling this over lately. Given a budget significantly higher than mine, I’d go for:

  • A table where much of the surface area is a display under glass, so I can show a battle map or pictures.
  • A projector and screen to display other pictures or the ever-handy Live GameScreen.
  • Speakers around the room for background audio.
  • Lighting via those new-fangled light bulbs that can change color. I don’t want the whole room to suddenly go red, but I’d like to tint things a little yellow in a desert or blue near water.
  • A dedicated gaming computer, or a place I can plug in a laptop, to control all of the above.
  • Six player chairs, with cushions and backs but no arms. I find that arms encourage a person to sit back, and I’d rather have players lean into the table.
  • One DM chair, as above but higher. I’m not very tall.
  • Power access in the table or floor, for laptops.
  • A small fridge for gaming drinks and anybody who brought lunch.
  • A bookcase for gaming books, instead of having them two floors away.
  • Minis, terrain, prop, and board game storage.
  • Carpet. No audible foot-tapping.
  • Appropriate wall decorations and posters. Physical props would be neat, but then I’d have to dust them.
  • And finally, because I know my players, coasters.
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