Quis dominābit ipsos dominī?

It’s National Novel Writing Month again, and per tradition I’ve signed up. This will be my tenth NaNoWriMo in twelve years, eleventh if you could last year’s focus on writing a new mechanic for Pathfinder, and I’m going for my fourth win. This does mean I won’t have a lot of time to add to this blog, but don’t worry, I’ve got that covered.

In deference to the brave souls who have put up with such a vocal and opinionated player, I’ve asked every DM I’ve had in the last eight years to contribute guest articles to DMing with Charisma in the month of November. Three agreed, conveniently representing DMing with Wisdom, Intelligence, and Constitution. I’m not yet sure what they’ll say; most of the guidance I gave them was that this is a blog about tabletop roleplaying, and I think the most emphatic adult language I’ve used is ‘golly’. Beyond that expect a fairly robust array of topics and opinions. Hopefully it will be at least slightly lighter than my last post.

If you like what you’re reading, let us know. We may make it a thing.

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