Live GameScreen Available for Download

Over the years I’ve gotten several requests for Live GameScreen, the session-management software we use in our games. I’ve extolled its virtues before, and I’ve finally gotten a chance to use its networking capabilities in a campaign (verdict: …eh, but that might be something in our firewall settings). But for a good while now it’s been unavailable because the site that hosted it went away.

As such, I’m hosting it here. Technically I think I’m legally allowed to do this. You can find download links to Live GameScreen on its new page and in the header bar.

I’m also using this chance to show off our new icon hotness. The default icons with Live GameScreen are lackluster, and we know it. I’ve uploaded some new ones here. They follow a simple pattern: the icon in the middle is what’s happening to you, and the background color is its severity. A red background is a bigger penalty than orange or yellow, blue is a better bonus than green, and black means you’re probably taking damage.

All of these icons use resources from, which has them available via Create Commons license, so you can use them however you want or make your own. We’ve been using custom ones for specific characters so we know when our dwarven defender is in stone stance or when our swordmage is literally on fire, and nothing quite beats laying so many penalties on an enemy you can’t even make them out any more. Give them a go.

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