Inflicted (Beta Version)

I’ve compiled the entire inflicted class into one convenient, excellently-formatted document. You can download it here. A few notes from the field:

  • Pounce moved from L14 to L15. When I looked at everything together, L15 was a dead level with no new abilities, and this resolves it.
  • There’s a new ability at L18 that gives the inflicted an additional saving throw. It’s always bugged me how hard it is to be good at saves in 5E, and this makes the inflicted a little better at it, but late enough in the build that it’s not a balance issue.
  • I understand more about polymorph now, so some wording around the lycanthrope has changed.
  • I finally got a copy of Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, which has a few abilities similar to the inflicted’s. While I’m a bit upset that I’m not as unique and clever as I thought I was, it did tell me how to format the rules text, so there’s been some language cleanup.

Please toss this into your game if you have a chance and let me know how it goes. We’ve just finished our own local playtest, and I’m eying a few changes already, but more information is better information.

With this post I’m also putting DMing with Charisma on hiatus for a while. I have some other projects that require my attention, and we’re heading into a fairly busy time of year. I may sprinkle some posts in here and there, but if you’re the sort of person who checks the blog religiously, don’t expect too much (and also, thanks a bunch).

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