“Because DMing is a Perform check.”

The Blog

DMing With Charisma is a blog dedicated to helping DMs of tabletop games improve their skills and hopefully the enjoyment and engagement of their players, and vice versa. Created in mid-2011, it focuses mostly on d20 systems.

The Author

I got into gaming via a circuitous route. I’d played video games as long as I could remember, and I picked up the D&D 3.0 Monster Manual in a video game store because it contained a lot of the monsters I didn’t recognize from a rogue-like game I had been playing. From the monster information I reverse-engineered the basic rules of the system, which gave me enough of a foundation to join a gaming club in college without embarrassing myself. I joined a D&D campaign in my second semester and ran my first campaign a year later.

Since then I’ve run a few hundred sessions over a dozen campaigns, not counting playtests, emergency one-shots, guest DMing sessions, and D&D game nights both sanctioned by Wizards of the Coast and otherwise. Though I’ve played in a few big-name systems and I want to play in a half-dozen more, I run in d20 because that’s where I’m most comfortable and where I have the most experience. My current focus is on a multi-campaign setting in Pathfinder.

For additional minutia, check out my answers to the #RPGaDAY event questions:

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