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City of Basingstock
Country Arweynge
Duchy Numbridge
Government Type Monarchical republic
Mayor Farun Gaval
Duke Donald II of Numbridge
Population 21,253

Basingstock, the capital of Numbridge, is a large city on the Bedlock Sea, about 300 miles from Hornshroud, capital of the country of Arweynge. The city was founded hundreds of years ago as an outpost on the water, and over time built to the bustling town it is now, straining the long-standing city walls to their seams. The mayor, Farun Gaval, is in his second term, and though the Duke of Numbridge resides here, he tends to keep out of the day-to-day running of the city and deals mostly with inter-duchy concerns.

The city has more humans than any other race, but not a majority. Common races only make about 70% of the population, with the rest filled by more exotic races like goblinoids, orc, those with elemental heritage such as ifrits, and even the rare giant or fey. About 53% of the residents live in the lower-class areas like the slums, the shantytowns, the theater district, or the waterfront district, though this area also contains most of the travelers, commerce, and shipping for the city. The city watch is fairly trustworthy and effective, though an astute observer will note that they tend to stay away from certain areas like the adventurer's quarter, the red light district, and the undercity.

Besides the city, there are many smaller villages, farms, and points of interest around Basingstock, though many are not important enough to have a place on a countrywide map. The gods don't have as much sway over everyday life as they used to, but they are still worshiped regularly, especially in more rural areas.

Basingstock Lighthouse

The lighthouse in the city's southern bay is an important landmark for Basingstock both as a port city and as a seat of power. It is managed by Captain Gallagher, a semi-retired trader. Unbeknownst to many, it is also the home of the Pillar of Light, a large structure said to be one of twelve objects that maintain the balance of existence. Its presence was the catalyst for the events of The Eight Arms and the Shadow Invasion.

Basingstock Park

Basingstock Park is, according to the duke whose residence is adjacent, a symbol of the natural world in a busy city even as industry grows ever more important. It is maintained by Crazy Eddie, who keeps it in such nice shape that the city chooses not to enforce the law preventing him from living in the park (a decision that may have also something to do with Eddie's pet dinosaur).