The Eight Arms

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The Eight Arms is an adventurer's guild headquartered in the waterfront district of Basingstock. It was founded by Nicodemus Kriedy and includes some of the able people he has met over his career.

Current Roster

Core Team

The Eight Arms headquarters and main office is in Basingstock, Arweynge. It is the home base for the guild's founders and most powerful members. It also serves as a training and vetting location for new hires.

Crafting Team

The crafting team is responsible for creating and repairing magic items. Ostensibly they manage any issues related to artifacts, but in practice they more often take general guild jobs. They are based in Rajasthan in the Wild South.

Monster-Killing Team

The monster-killing team handles jobs dealing with large, dangerous, or destructive monsters. Despite their name, they are as adept at negotiations as they are at hunting and killing.

Kircharia Team

The team in Kircharia is a general-action group who handles any available local jobs. They are the Eight Arms' first foray into having a guild base in a country populated mostly by monstrous races.


These members of the Eight Arms either have no known location, travel independently, or are stationed in a city or country without an official Eight Arms guild.


When the Eight Arms needs assistance with a specific task they have been known to partner with local experts. These people either have not been offered a position with the Eight Arms or refused one, but they are or at one time were allies on the level of a guild member.