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House Rule: Three-Axis Cosmology

Especially astute readers may have picked up on this in the last article: …the players suffered a planar travel mishap and ended up on Carceri, the plane of prisons…Instead I told the players on their way out the door that … Continue reading

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Changing 4E Monster Hit Points

Our house roles are the kinds of things that pop up organically. We don’t sit down at the beginning of the campaign and say “rolling a 20 on your critical confirmation roll has a chance to kill an enemy outright, … Continue reading

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Themes: Noble

About 80% of the way into writing this theme, I realized I could basically replace every instance of “noble” with “Mafia” and it would make exactly as much sense. I don’t know what this says about what I think about … Continue reading

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In Which We Attempt Mass Combat with Charisma

I think mass combat is one of those things everybody tries eventually. Large armies clashing, siege engines firing, monsters rampaging through ranks of soldiers, it all feels right in the context of medieval fantasy. But mass combat is also a … Continue reading

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Strategic Healing and the Vigilante Campaign

In the hubbub around themes, I nearly forgot that I promised to update my opinion on the vigilante once our all-vigilante campaign ended. It turns out I was only 80% correct on the class, in that every problem was about … Continue reading

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