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Character Creation

Little-known fact: there’s nothing that gets me quite as excited as this: I’m the sort of person who watches video game rosters very closely during production. I watched every reveal trailer for Marvel vs. Capcom 3 the day it was … Continue reading

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Obsidian Portal Reforged

Just a general name drop: the Obsidian Portal Kickstarter is ending soon. It’s a tool I’ve used before so the prospect of improvements excites me a bit, and there’s the opportunity to get a discount on premium membership in case … Continue reading

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Arbitrary Attack Bonuses in 4E

Somebody asked about the correct values for the arbitrary attack bonus that accompanies racial attack powers, item powers, and so forth. I put this together to see exactly how they stack up: This chart assumes the following: A character gets … Continue reading

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Poll: Post Length

In general, do ya’ll prefer shorter, more frequent articles that split up a topic, or longer, less frequent articles that cover more of an issue at once? I tend to lean toward the latter, but I noticed that my most-commented … Continue reading

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The Three-Character Rule (well, Suggestion)

When I first heard the idea that most players only play three characters, I think I had the same reaction as everybody else, which was basically “That’s dumb, and you’re dumb”. I kind of resented the idea that players are … Continue reading

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