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Faith: A Love Letter to Automatic Bonus Progression

I love D&D’s vast array of magical items. When I started gaming, this was the section of the Dungeon Master’s Guide in which I spent the most time, using different items to come up with character or adventure ideas. I … Continue reading

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Faith: Signature Spells

No, I’m not done talking about Faith just because it’s on break. My explicit goal going into Faith was to make it feel like an anime. This means arcs needed a certain pacing, enemies needed a certain charisma, battles needed … Continue reading

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Apparatus of Kwalish

Every player can recall a moment when they latched onto something in a book, never to let it go. In fact, each player probably has several. Something about a class or a race or a spell tickled their brain and … Continue reading

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Faith: Planning through Time

I know I’ve been talking a lot about Faith lately, and that’s unusual for this blog. I rarely give updates on my current campaigns because I expect readers will find them boring. A session-by-session recap is more for the creative … Continue reading

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Faith: Character Portraits

A quick note: there’s been an update to the character page for Faith. Our partist party artist has drawn character portraits for everybody, so now we have art I’m allowed to post online.

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