The Laws

The Laws are the basic tenets by which I DM and play. They’re system-agnostic and they roughly explain the sort of game I expect when I sit down at the table. If you’re interested in my style of DMing, they’re the best places to start:

  • Law #0 – The goal of the game is to have fun.
  • Law #1 – The DM is always right.
    • First Corollary – But not always entirely right.
  • Law #2 – The player is at all times allowed to screw themselves over.
  • Law #3 – A character is allowed to have anything, as long as it is treated like something that already exists.
  • Law #4 – Players are expected to attempt a cooperative in-game environment.
  • Law #5 – Every character must have the opportunity to be awesome.
  • Law A – Everybody important should have a theme song.

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