Live GameScreen

I have to give props to Live GameScreen, and not just because I invented it. It’s the tool I’ve been using at the table for almost three years now, and along with MapTool (for online gaming) it’s the only software I need or want for managing play. I’m not sure how many people reading this aren’t aware of it, but it’s worth checking out, especially now that it’s approaching v1.

I may need to log an enhancement for boss fights if I’m going to use it in the Awesome Campaign, though.

…you know, between this post and OpenOffice, I’m stating to think that my CamelCase software names outnumber my normal names. It’s really just Firefox and Minecraft, isn’t it?

Edit: Live GameScreen is now available for download from this very site. You can find more information about it in the top menu.

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  1. Darge says:

    Left oblique is down unfortunately :( is there any other way to get this program. I’m looking for ways to improve my dming and organise information better. Love all the posts by the way. Have been a great help.

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