Eight Arms Setting Map

I haven’t done absolutely nothing over the last month while the A to Z Challenge was going. I’ve gotten started on some articles that will post at various times, including a few about the Zelda campaign that will post when it ends sometime this summer. I also finally hunkered down and did something I’ve been promising to do for a few years: making a world map for the Eight Arms campaign setting.

I followed a very nice tutorial at http://imgur.com/a/6K80W, which I think I found by way of the normally-far-too-deep-for-me Worldbuilding subreddit. I couldn’t do everything exactly as the tutorial recommended because I have Photoshop Elements 8 instead of Photoshop for Artists and Expensive People 2018, but I think I managed:

This is just the general map, with no cities or non-geographic landmarks, to lay out roughly how the countries work together. It also does what I promised I would do by integrating the elemental races into the continent proper. There’s no scale intentionally because I don’t want to be beholden to a travel time or distance I previously defined. I’d rather leave it vague so I can work it to the story at any given time.

In more boring news, I also finally got the campaign wiki to work with picture uploads, so I can start the legitimately thrilling process of getting character portraits done for the various Eight Arms characters. If you happen to know or be anybody who can art, let me know.

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