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Lan, the Perfect Fight

I would never go so far as to say that most of my sessions turn out the way I plan, but often they’re reasonably close. My players rarely look into a murder, check the crime scene, interview witnesses, research the … Continue reading

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The Principle of Explosion

DMs are wary of giving power to players, partially because few DMs can prepare for or react to players with too much freedom and partially because players are guaranteed to abuse it. This is why wishes are granted so rarely, … Continue reading

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I is for Ice Archon, Dim, as a Lark

Everybody has their favorite creatures, and I find the longer you play D&D the more favorite creatures you have. Some combination of the mechanics, the backstory, the art, and all the bits of a monsters tickle you in some way, … Continue reading

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B is for Brains, Who Walk, Still Alive

When I started on the list of monsters for this month, I expected to hit snags on certain letters. I had ideas for Q and X, but J? Y? I anticipating having trouble with the smaller sets of monsters. I … Continue reading

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R is for Rousseau, Paladin of Tyranny

Name: Rousseau Campaign: The Great Tower of Oldechi Just take the drink now. Jean-Jacques Rousseau the philosopher was of the opinion that people were at their best separate from civilization, that a human is inherently good and wise when removed … Continue reading

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