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Guest Characters

Concept: Guest characters Tested in: The One Piece campaign, The Eight Arms and the Contract of Barl, the Worldwound campaign What it is: In D&D, players build characters and control them through adventures. That’s the elevator pitch and core concept … Continue reading

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When Anton Met Pepper

Players love messing with NPCs. That’s kind of their thing, perhaps even more than petty crime and distributing loot. Whether the DM presents a haughty nobleman or a vicious warlord or even a curmudgeonly shopkeeper, the players feel it’s their … Continue reading

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Apparatus of Kwalish

Every player can recall a moment when they latched onto something in a book, never to let it go. In fact, each player probably has several. Something about a class or a race or a spell tickled their brain and … Continue reading

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Faith: Signature Items (Angeline)

I had a rule of thumb for the capstone abilities: if a player read the ability I was trying to give them and their only response was “are you high?”, I did it right. Each capstone is ludicrously powerful, able … Continue reading

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Faith: Signature Items (Sarai)

I ran the first draft of these items by each player, but I didn’t mail the entire group. I wanted everybody’s item design to take place in a relative vacuum. Each player knew the early levels I posted in March, … Continue reading

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